Carton Flow Rack

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Today, in the manufacturing and distribution industries, various warehousing equipment is used, among which we can mention the types of Carton Flow Rack. With the help of different types of Carton Flow Rack, it is easy to move or place different types of loads with different dimensions and weights. Applications for this type of shelving include warehouses for raw materials in the food, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industries.

At present, in the industries of production, distribution and storage of goods, all kinds of modern and advanced equipment are used to improve the quality and quantity of work. Among the equipment used in the industry, we can mention the types of shelving that are used in different stages from production and maintenance to distribution. Modern and widely used shelves are Carton Flow Rack, which are widely used in industries and warehouses today.

In the production of this technology, the best elements have been used in the construction, which in addition to quality, has a long useful life. Applications for Carton Flow Rack include product warehouses, food and pharmaceutical raw material warehouses, and cold storages. These shelving is also used in warehouses adjacent to the industrial production line to transport raw materials.

Carto_ Flow _Rack

This system consists of roller conveyors in a rock system that are installed on a slope and the load moves from the inlet to the outlet with the help of gravity and is placed by the brake system in the harvesting turn and in the warehouses with FIFO system ( The first output from the first input) is used. By using this system, while maximizing the use of the surface and space of the warehouse, significant savings will be made in the use of manpower and means of transportation. The shelving is a central repository and its using steep rails, a constant flow of materials and components to provide power assembly lines and play.

This type of shelving proper assembly lines and distribution centers

Increasing access to parts
75% reduction in distance traveled by workers
Commodity circulation for FIFO (first input first output)
Take advantage of the China order
Minimal contact between the warehouse and assembly workers to raise efficiency
Speed and improve the management of transport
The correct combination of transmission, storage and retrieval of goods in the assembly and distribution centers

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