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Dozhpad new factory A view of under developmnet factory of Dozhpad (PJS) in Parand


A family firm founded in 1968, by the late M.H Jaberansari, DOZHPAD is now a world-renowned storage systems manufacturer.
DOZHPAD is recognized for its creative developments and its competitiveness in international markets.
DOZHPAD's philosophy is based on "Creativity & Compatibility" in thought and practice to achieve:

  • A practical and integrated management style using TQM and re-engineering concepts
  • A quality management system conforming to EN ISO-9001:2000 standard
  • Compatible Storage Systems conforming to SEMA, FEM and RMI codes of practice
  • Use of local raw material
  • Friendly and qualified people
  • Smooth transition from your current supplier

DOZHPAD's Compatible Storage Systems together with relatively lower material, energy and labor costs, improved quality and productivity, and reduced waste, provide a long term competitive advantage for our international partners.
Our proficient and motivated people and distributors, satisfy our customers, which in turn, generate sustained revenue and reasonable profit. Such funds are also used to improve our market share through continuous improvement, innovation, and investments.
Our firm intention is to satisfy our customers and stake-holders, becoming a truly world class company, achieving sustained growth within international markets.
** Notice: Utilization of this web site contents, subjects, and pictures in any form, without prior written permission from DOZHPAD is strictly prohibited and will be followed by the law.**