Adjustable Pallet Racking

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Single-deep Adjustable Pallet Racking


Adjustable pallet rack storage system is one of the best and most common racking systems, used in many places to store heavy goods and materials. Follow us on to introduce you to the capabilities of this racking system.
Unit loads to be stored on this system are either palletized loads or box pallets, which are handled by forklifts. The most important components of this racking system are frames, beams, bracings, baseplates, beam safety locks, frame spacers and column protectors, and accessories such as levelers, pallet support bars, frame protectors, post pallet channels, skid channels, coil holders and so on.
The racking system provides easy selective access to each beam level. Levels (beams) can be easily displaced vertically to 76 mm pitch. A prominent feature of this type of racking system is bolted connection of components. Pallet racking system can be customized to suit the dimensions and height of the space available and designed to suit the given unit loads.


– materials, goods and spare parts Storages
– Cold Stores
– Workshop and production hall

– Distribution centers


– Bolted connection of frame components
– Level (beams) vertical displacement: 76 mm pitches
– Variations in dimensions and load capacity
– Quick and easy and selective access to goods and materials

– Enhancement of inventory management and warehouse efficiency

– Increasing warehouse operation throughput and productivity
– Beam levels number and total system height loaded is designed proportional to the height of the warehouse building

– various kinds of fork lifts and S/R machines can be used in this system

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