Long Span Racking

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Long Span Racking


An adjustable racking system suitable for medium and semi-heavy hand-loaded goods. Long span system is convenient for semi-heavy and light loads and could be installed in 3-tier equipped with staircases (/lifts), walkways, balconies and handrails. This system is economical because it has long bays with regard to shelving’s like Slotted angle.


  • General purpose warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Spare & Engineering parts stores
  • Document / archive stores


  • Easy access to all products using lift, stairs and walkways
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Maximum shelf utilization
  • Adaptable to customers’ needs
  • Enhancement of inventory management and warehouse operation efficiency
  • Robust and light weight
  • Height up to 3- tier
  • Level height adjustability at 50 mm pitch
  • Bolted frame assembly
  • Various dimensions and load capacities
  • ULD per level: 500 Kg/m2
  • Max bay load capacity: 8600 Kg
  • Choice of beam levels coverage (steel shelves- wire mesh decking)

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