Flat pallet

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Flat pallet


Flat pallet is a portable platform used for unit loads make-up for items which have regular and geometrical shapes, for instance: industrial items, fragile accessories, boxes and cartons, etc. Flat pallets can be handled by fork lifts.


  • warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • factories


Flat pallets can’t be stacked on each other and are used only for handling goods and storage / retrieval loads in racking storage systems.

  • Enhancing inventory management n warehouse
  • Optimizing warehouse throughput and operation efficiency, ends up to cost reduction
  • Heavy-duty load capacity


  • Steel, wooden and plastic pallets
  • One-sided, two-way
  • Two-sided, tow-way
  • One-sided, four-way
  • Two-sided, four-way

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