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Live storage racking



Businesses development and the use of larger warehouses to store goods resulted in racking and shelving systems more importance in intra-logistics. To this end, a variety of storage systems have been developed, including Live storage racking, to make warehouse operation easier and more efficient for storage and retrieval of special items. The Live storage racking expression might be a little unfamiliar to you, and you may not be familiar with this type of racking. This type of shelving has very unique features that have led to better management of warehouse space and inventory, therefore the use of this type of racking is increasing day by day for specific purposes. Live storage system consists of sloped roller modules installed in the racking system. using FIFO (First In- First Out) strategy, the load moves from the inlet opening to the outlet by gravity and is placed in the pick-up queue by automatic brake system. By using this system, expire date of stored items are met and significant savings are made in the use of manpower and handling means. Meanwhile, since only two access aisles to the entrance and exit of the loading tunnels are used, the area and space utilization is maximized.

DOZHPAD Live storage racking system, by minimizing the number of operation aisles between runs of racking, makes it possible to make the most of the warehouse area and space. In addition, you will have access to all items on time, without the need for any additional travel.



  • Cold Stores
  • Distribution centers
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Auxiliary stores next to production lines (feeding parts)


  • Easy access to all stored items under FIFO / FEFO strategy
  • Saving area and space and increasing occupation factor (pallet positions / area or space)
  • Reducing warehouse operation costs (man power, energy and handling devices saving)
  • Smooth and easy warehouse inventory management
  • Warehouse efficiency and goods regulating enhancement
  • Enhancing warehouse efficiency and throughput
  • Loads storage & retrieval by forklifts
  • Variety of dimensions and load capacities

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