Double Deep Pallet Racking

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Double Deep Adjustable Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking is one of the best ways to optimize storage without wasted  space. This type of racking is similar to a conventional pallet racking (single-deep) except that it has two unit loads placement positions, one behind the other. Storage Pallets storage / retrieval is done by specific fork lifts. Application of this storage system leads to the same / more storage capacity in similar area and space.

With this type of racking, the access aisles are easily accessible. for avoiding time waste and rework It is advisable that two similar unit loads are placed in one compartment of the racking system.
Double-deep pallet racking components, dimensions and specification are the same as conventional pallet racking (single-deep).

– materials, goods and spare parts Storages

– Distribution centers


– Bolted connection of frame components
– Level (beams) vertical displacement: 76 mm pitches
– Variations in dimensions and load capacity

– Reducing waste area and space

– Increase pallet positions in the same area/ space with regard to conventional pallet racking system
– Quick and easy and selective access to goods and materials

– Enhancement of inventory management and warehouse efficiency

– Increasing warehouse operation throughput and productivity
– Beam levels number and total system height loaded is designed proportional to the height of the warehouse building

– Telescopic fork lifts or S/R machines can be used in this system