Shuttle Drive In Racking

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Shuttle rack storage system


Unique high density, low energy consumption and operation cost functionality storage system. This system is equipped with automated travelling pallet conveyor (robot) which runs through racking tunnels and store or retrieves unit load by remote control system.

 Shuttle rack operates in LIFO (First in- Last Out) mode, allowing racking to be set up against a wall of a warehouse thereby gaining space, or with FIFO (First in-First Out) using a system that offers separate entrances and exits. This method allows for the loading to be done from one side with a forklift truck and the unloading on the opposite side with another.

The system provides automated placement of pallets in the storage tunnel, reducing loading and unloading cycle times, improve space and operational efficiency and safety within your dense storage facilities.

Shuttle rack system which consists of pallet rack frames, specific bracket arms and rails for both shuttle robot moving and loading, rail stop plates, bracket arms connection bars, is convenient for storing palletized unit loads in each loading tunnel


– Cold Storage Facilities
– Raw Material Warehouses
– goods and products Warehouses

– distribution centers


– Bolted connection of all components

– Possibility of direct selective access to all items by system robot

– Capability of developing the Warehouse to Full automation
– Heavy duty load capacity for its Stability
– Possibility of developing the Drive-in systems into Shuttle rack system

– Optimizing usage of the warehouse area and space
– variety of dimensions and load capacities
– Increasing the operating safety meanwhile speed
– Decreasing in required capital for mechanical handling equipment such as Lift truck
– Reduction of energy consumption
– Optimizing operator’s performance
– Optimizing inventory management and warehouse operation efficiency

– Improving warehouse throughput and productivity
– Engineered and Fast installation
– Possibility of high rise installation depending to warehouse building height and forklift Specification

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