Bulk Storage Racking

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Bulk storage racking system


This racking system is used to store hand-loaded large and semi-heavy items. This system can be designed and installed in several tiers with catwalks, balconies and stairways (/lift) regarding required load capacity. Bulk storage system levels are covered with steel heavy duty panels or wire mesh decking.
Comparison of investment cost between non-pallet systems:
Slotted Angle Shelving < Long Span Racking < Bulk Storage Racking


  • Semi-product / finished products warehouses
  • Spare parts & tools warehouses
  • Distribution centers




  • Easy, direct and selective access to all items
  • Smooth and easy warehouse inventory
  • warehouse efficiency and goods regulating enhancement
  • facilitating warehouse operations
  • possibility of installation in multi- tier configuration equipped with all facilities
  • possibility of implementing all necessary installations need for warehouse (lighting, firefighting devices and so on)
  • variety of dimensions and load capacities

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