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DOZHPADs Compatible Storage Systems together with relatively lower material, energy and labor costs, improved quality and productivity, and reduced waste, provide a long term competitive advantage for our international partners.
Our proficient and motivated people and distributors, satisfy our customers, which in turn, generate sustained revenue and reasonable profit. Such funds are also used to improve our market share through continuous improvement, innovation, and investments.
Our firm intention is to satisfy our customers and stake-holders, becoming a truly world class company, achieving sustained growth within international markets.

Dozhpad Advantages

  • Racking & Shelving production capacity of 50,000 tons per year.
  • Two electro-static powder paint lines: 1. full automatic double over-head conveyor line. 2.power & free conveyor line for longitudinal parts length up to 16m.
  • Automatic & semi-automatic coil shearing, coil slitting, coil punching and roll forming lines.
  •  2 sets of CNC press brakes for upto 12 mm material thickness and 12 m length parts bending.
  • welding process by mig co2 welding machines and PT controlled.


Capable of offering effective, varied and economic solutions to customer’s needs by the means of production capacities, flexibility, engineering potential & knowledge and product quality.

Sales and Marketing

  • Capable of  intra- logistic supply chain management, targeting customer satisfaction by optimum order pro- casing & performance.
  • Capability of market leadership in products variation, product design & development, logistic services and sufficient use of warehouses areas & spaces.
  • Well Known and reputable company in local & foreigner markets due to more than 60 years of activity and experience in storage system industry.
  • First Iranian brand in storage system field registered internationally.
  • Quick response to customer needs thanks to operational MTO & MTS systems, regarding to market requests and available finished products storage warehouse capacity.
  • Export to Persian Gulf , CIS, Kazakhstan, … since 1991.

Sales Engineering

Sales Engineering Unit for warehouse layout design, estimation and pricing of orders, based on customer requirements by means of product load tables, valid international standards and engineering SOFT wares.