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Niroosazeh parand

Our Skills

  • Design
  • Technique
  • Manufacture


1996 – Start activity in the technical and engineering office in the Karaj

2006- Obtaining a license for the establishment of the Niroosazeh Sogand

2006- Registration of the “Niroosazeh Sogand” company (Limited Liability Company)

2006- Membership in the Association of Industrial Automation Companies (Ministry of Industry and Mines)

2009 – Join the Guild of Manufacturers of Iranian Power Panels

2012- Obtaining a license for technical and engineering

2012- Membership in the Syndicate of Iran’s Electricity Industry

2013- Obtaining licenses for the operation of the Ministry of Industry and Mines and Trade in the development plan and start as Niroosazeh Parand Company in the new place

Our vision in NSP: The first choice of regional applicants by regarding the infrastructure and technological equipment of the power industry by providing comprehensive solutions and focusing on social responsibility

The Quality Policy

NSP’s goals of designing, supplying and producing Innovative and Value-Added Infrastructure and Technology Equipment of the Electricity Industry in order to fulfill the vision “The first choice is the comprehensive solutions of the infrastructure and technological equipment of the district power industry with a commitment to social responsibility” and by implementing and enforcing management standards and considering the stakeholders’ prospections and expectations, Commits to observing the followings:

  • Develop infrastructure and use the last technology to deliver high quality products
  • Complication and improvement of the quality management system and organizational excellence
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction and continuously improvement of after-sales services
  • The need to increase investment in R&D (research and development) and production of new products
  • Training of human resources to enhance their level of knowledge and expertise

The policy has converted to measurable goals to ensuring that the colleagues understand it, the amount of movement towards these goals can be measured. I am committed to the policy, Standard requirements and stakeholders, I ask all the colleagues for seriousness and efforts to realize the company’s vision.

Postal code : 117-37615

No.1, Sanatgaran blv, Parand industerial town, Tehran,Iran