Heavy-duty Mezzanine floor

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Mezzanine floor system



DOZHPAD Mezzanine floor is a strong and stable structure that creates additional useful floor space in factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and etc. for storage, offices and light production lines, without constructing a new building or alter the existing installation. mezzanine floor components are made of cold formed steel sections which are normally used in pre-fab structures, so are very strong and durable. In addition to standard configurations and load capacities, it can be designed for a wide range of loads & spans as required by the user.


  • Heavy-duty Mezzanine floor

This kind of Mezzanine is designed for heavy duty UDL. Components of this Mezzanine floor are special cold formed and punched steel sections (such as uprights, main beams, joists and baseplates) which are fully bolted to each other and designed in accordance with specified load capacity. DOZHPAD standard Mezzanine floor has no bracing system that result in free movement in any direction on the ground floor. Heavy-duty Mezzanine floor can be installed in multi-tier and Max. 6 m bays.



  • Possibility of at least doubling the useful floor space in minimum time without any normal construction work.
  • Potential of dismounting and reassembling the mezzanine in another location in case of owners need, based on fully bolted connections.
  • Custom design according to customer requirements.
  • Easy installation either by suppliers erection personnel or by the user following the installation instruction.
  • possibility of using various floor coverings (decking, grating, composite material)
  • Bolts and nuts: All bolts are to grade 8.8 and nuts to grade 8
  • Loads:250 kg/m2 to 850 kg/m2
  • Spans: from 3 m to 6 m
  • Number of levels: up to 4 (heavy-duty type)
  • Material: ST-37 steel according to DIN EN 10025, S235JR

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