Light-duty cantilever system

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in warehouses, distribution and/or sale centers.


Warehouses are undoubtedly an important link in supply chain and have a huge impact on intra-logistics efficiency. Proper selection of warehousing storage systems enhances warehouse operation productivity and reduces costs.

Cantilever racking system is designed for long and heavy tubular loads, roller shafts and sheets which are easily stored by the forklifts. The main feature of this system is absence of uprights in the front of racking which makes it extremely easy to load and un-load goods of various dimensions. This system is designed to be stable under one sided and/or asymmetric loading. Arms are connected to upright by means of square section pins.

DOZHPAD Cantilever is Suitable for storing longitudinal loads such as metal  / PVC pipes, light and heavy profiles / Timbers / Steel or chipboard sheets / Building sections / rebar/  carpet rolls and heavy and bulky boxes / Rolls of carpets


  • Light-duty cantilever system

This kind of cantilever system is convenient for light and semi-heavy duty loads. Components of this storage system are combination of racking frames and tubular sections for base and arms. Arms can be displaced vertically to 76 mm.


  • Raw material and product warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • factories and workshops


  • Easy, direct and selective access to all items
  • Smooth and easy warehouse inventory management
  • warehouse efficiency and goods regulating enhancement
  • variety of dimensions and load capacities
  • Loads storage & retrieval by forklifts
  • enhancing warehouse efficiency and reducing operation cost
  • High strength and durability against heavy loadings

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